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Would You Love….

A Wedding Planner who recognizes when you’re freaking out inside and helps you keep your love alive while you’re planning your wedding?

If you’re a bride who:

  • Is super excited about planning  your wedding and wants someone who’s equally as excited

  • Wants your wedding to tell your story and include special things about your family, traditions, or culture

  • Is looking for a planning partner who will be your trusted confidante and support 

  • Wants a light hearted, fun, and enjoyable YET super organized and efficient planning experience and wedding day…


ThenWe’d Love to Partner With You!


When you hire us, you’ll get a team who:

  • Believes the beauty in each event isn’t just about what you see, but about how you feel—throughout your engagement, your planning , and when you kiss your husband goodnight.

  • Partners with you—based on the level of planning involvement you want—to lighten your load, so you can enjoy this season of life and step into your wedding dress on your wedding day relaxed and refreshed.

  • Doesn’t have you listed as a “wedding date” in our calendar, but builds a relationship with you from the beginning and truly gets to know your vision, personalities, and styles


Wedding Planning Demands Don’t Have to Dictate Your Entire Engagement

You don’t have to give up your current lifestyle to accommodate all that needs to happen to plan the wedding you’ve always longed for:

  • See those new places, because you have a wedding planner you can trust who “gets you” and gets the blah planning stuff taken care of.

  • Celebrate with those special friends, because you’ve already mapped out exactly how you want your extravagant celebration to go and have a straight-forward plan for exactly what you need to do.

If you’re starting to feel:

  • Scatterbrained and disorganized because you don’t know exactly who’s going to foot the bill for what, how much funds you should allocate to each category within your wedding budget, and when you’re going to have time to call vendors, set up appointments, and actually attend appointments.

  • Overwhelmed with creating a cohesive vision that marries your styles, traditions, personalities, and love story.

  • Pulled in opposite directions as you try to balance work, your social life, and wedding planning.

  • Discouraged because you’re not sure whether you’re really going to have the wedding you want or the wedding your parent’s want.

There’s no better place you could be right now!